Your car’s brakes play the most important role in keeping you, your vehicle, and those around you safe. Therefore, it is vital they are kept in full working order. Like any other part of the car, brakes also require to be well maintained. If the brakes are overlooked, they might cause life threatening situations for you on the road. Also, brakes should be working efficiently for you to respond to dangers and uncertainties on the road. It is, therefore, your job to identify when your brakes are in need of servicing and repairs. If you are looking for Mercedes Benz brake repairs in Rainham, you are at the right place!

AT technicians garage is a one stop service station if you are looking for a premium garage for your Mercedes Benz. Our technicians are trained and qualified to work on the complex Mercedes Benz systems. We ensure quality along with affordability, so we have a huge returning customer base.

Common signs of bad brakes

– Have you ever heard unusual squealing sounds coming from your brakes? Take it as a sign of worn down brake pads. This sound is supposed to alert the driver to take some action. Most of the time, brake pads need replacement in such a case.

– Another type of sound that you might hear is the metallic grinding noise coming from the brakes. This indicates a more severe problem with the brake pads. Such a sound is produced when metal calipers grind against the metal of the rotors. If the problem remains untreated for a long time, your rotors might be completely damaged.

– A common sign is vibrations and shaking when brakes are applied. This usually happens due to warped rotors, reducing the performance and effectiveness of the braking system.

– Drivers commonly report how their car pulls to one side while driving. This can definitely get really intimidating and indicates an underlying issue. However, to identify the underlying issue, you will have to take your car to a garage.

– An unresponsive brake pedal is called a soft or spongy brake that requires you to put more pressure than usual to push down the pedal. This happens due to an air leak or a brake fluid leak.

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