AT technicians garage is providing competitive Mercedes car servicing in Essex. Our experts have a wealth of experience with Mercedes cars, so we know exactly how to rectify the simple or complicated Mercedes faults. Moreover, we believe in upgrading the tools and technology at our garage. So, we use the latest diagnostic and servicing tools for all Mercedes models. We can not stress enough how important servicing is to keep your car in the best possible condition. Bring your premium car to us, as we have been offering premium servicing for years.

Mercedes models are highly popular for their sophisticated build and the luxury they exude. However, premium cars like Mercedes need to be kept with great care in order to maintain their condition and efficiency. Also, it is important that those working on such cars should deal with them with high expertise. So, we advise you not to take your Mercedes to a general garage when you can access a specialized garage at competitive rates. We, at AT specialists garage, have been dealing with Mercedes cars successfully for years now,  so get in touch today!

Servicing at AT technicians garage

Since we especially provide services for Mercedes cars, we have come across some recurring issues with Mercedes models. If they remain untreated or go in hands of an inexperienced technician, you might have to bear more cost than required. Also, the fault may come up again if the technician does not identify the fault correctly. Our technicians not only have the skills and experience but know the tricks and hacks to rectify such faults. We make sure to provide customers with long lasting and cost effective solutions.

Car servicing keeps the car’s performance at its optimal level. Therefore, on-road accidents and breakdowns are inevitable if you have missed your servicing session. Servicing can identify those hidden faults that can grow into huge problems. As a result, both driver and the vehicle remain safe on the road.

At AT technicians garage, we offer first rate servicing that starts from £89 + VAT, including oil service. Our experts take care of the oil filter, oil fuel filter, pollen filter and air filter. Moreover, our service packages include all major system checks and adjustments. Another important system that is the backbone of the car is the car’s engine. A properly functioning engine ensures safety and fuel efficiency. We make sure of the engine’s optimal performance and fuel efficiency.

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