Mercedes Benz has always been a premium standard for the car drivers. These cars have always been popular and gaining more popularity among the car enthusiasts with the passage of time. However, a lack of maintenance and servicing can affect their performance and functioning. Therefore, premium cars require premium care in order to go a long way. You spend a great deal on purchasing a Mercedes Benz, so why not maintain these cars in first class condition? Are you looking for Mercedes Benz specialist in East London? AT technicians garage is a fully equipped service station offering a comprehensive list of car services at highly affordable rates. So, get in touch with us today! 

Services we offer at AT technicians garage

  • Servicing: Servicing is something that you can not overlook if you truly value your car. Moreover, servicing enables better economic fuel consumption, early detection of faults and prevents all possible breakdowns. We make sure to extend the lifespan of your vehicle through a range of service packages to suit every driver’s needs. 
  • MOT repairs: If you are going to get an MOT test for your car any time soon, then bring your car to us beforehand. We offer efficient pre-MOT repairs to help you pass the MOT test. Also, you can bring your car to us after you have failed the test. We carry out post-MOT repairs too. We know the hassle of failing an MOT test, so we know exactly how to treat your car!  
  • Diagnostics: Does the warning light display on the dashboard? Do you sense something off or abnormal with your car? If you are not sure about what is wrong with your car, we can help you with it. We use the official Mercedes Benz dealer software to find faults with the cars. We are able to configure, reprogram, initialize new components and perform guided tests. So, bring your car to us for a thorough inspection!
  • Key programming: Have you encountered security issues with your car? At AT technicians garage, we provide transponder key programming at competitive rates. If your car is an asset that you value, then key programming is what you need to keep it safe and secure.
  • Hybrid & electric vehicles: We provide high quality repairs and diagnostics for hybrid & electric vehicles. Our highly trained technicians are experienced to work with these sophisticated and complex systems. 
  • Wheel services: We recommend to conduct wheel alignment at least once a year. Wheel alignment enables a smooth drive and better handling. Also, it improves fuel economy and performance of the car on road. At our garage, we use the latest technology to offer wheel services. 

Contact the Mercedes Benz specialist in East London 

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We provide car services in Romford – Dagenham – and East London. 




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