Who doesn’t want a pleasant journey when on the road? We all do, right? Well, Air conditioner plays a role in letting you enjoy the drive. Just imagine driving in hot weather without turning on the AC; horrible, isn’t it? If you own and drive Mercedes Benz, then we are here to offer premium air conditioning servicing in Kent. We make sure that your air conditioning system is completely functional. AT technicians garage is a specialized service station for Mercedes Benz models. So, we have in-depth knowledge to come up with optimal solutions to Mercedes faults. . 

AT technicians garage is a one-stop garage for all your car needs including car AC service. At our garage, we use the latest tools and equipment to diagnose the problems, and to repair and rectify them. 

Signs of faulty AC system

Like any other part of the car, AC also goes through wear and tear. Also, some other technical issues might arise with the frequent use. However, you can prevent the issue or get it rectified at initial stages by checking your AC for some common malfunctioning signs. If there is something wrong going on with your AC, it might produce rattling noise or a weird smell. In addition to this, AC might lose its ability to cool down the temperature of the car’s cabin. 

To keep your AC functional, just keep checking it regularly for the above mentioned signs. And do not forget to use the refrigerant according to the manufacturer’s directions. 

Ac service at AT technicians garage

We carry out diagnostics and a thorough analysis before reaching the right solution. Our experts will let you know if your AC requires repairs or replacements. Don’t worry in the case of replacement, because we stock a range of AC parts for Mercedes Benz models. These parts include Ac fuse, Condenser, Expansion valve, Evaporator, Compressor belt, and accumulator. All these parts work in coordination with each other. Therefore, the overall AC functioning will deteriorate if any one component malfunctions. 

Give us a call or drop us a message on our website. Sometimes, an electric diagnosis is required to diagnose the problem. We educate our customers by explaining the diagnosis in detail. So, what are you waiting for? Drop by our garage for air conditioning servicing in Kent and leave the rest to us!

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