At AT technicians garage, we provide reliable Mercedes Benz service at competitive rates. If you own a premium car like Mercedes Benz, you already know the luxury of driving it. So, you will never want to compromise on the smoothness and luxury of Mercedes, right? Are you looking for a Mercedes Benz specialist in London? Do you want your Mercedes Benz to perform at optimum level? You are at the right place! No matter what car you drive, it will lose its value if not maintained properly. Therefore, we suggest you bring your Mercedes Benz to us if you observe anything off. Get in touch with us today!

Mercedes Benz is one of the most popular cars in recent times. Car enthusiasts love it for its sleek style and cutting-edge technology. However, this makes Mercedes a more sophisticated and complex car. At AT technicians garage, we have highly trained and certified technicians to work on Mercedes models. So, we ensure you utmost quality and attention to details. When you drive such a premium car, all you need to do is choose the right garage for it!

Mercedes Benz specialist in London

Mercedes Benz comes with excellent technology and genius engineering, so it requires to be serviced by the experts and through the latest technology. Our garage is equipped with the latest diagnostic tools and Xentry diagnostic system. So, we quickly and accurately identify the problem areas and rectify the faults.
A car works smoothly when all its parts are in order. Therefore, we suggest you bring your car to us for regular servicing and maintenance. It does not only contribute towards efficient car functioning but also reduces the risk of breakdowns. We provide car services for all the car parts and major systems including brakes, exhaust, air conditioning, battery etc.
Our diagnostics are for £60 + VAT. Our technicians are able to configure, reprogram, initialize new components and perform guided tests. The system we use will read or erase fault codes in any structure, including the AirBag and all control modules.

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